Our process is certified.

Asset reuse, redeployment or recycling services: we can handle all electronic retirement.

The problem with obsolete IT assets:

Asset Disposition & Data Destruction

  1. Security Risks: Corporate data held by these devices can be leaked if the wrong person gets their hands on them.
  2. Physical Space: Another problem is that accumulating obsolete devices takes a considerable amount of space, especially for larger companies. Finding a way to deal with them is imperative.
  3. Environmental policies: Getting rid of these devices requires an environmentally friendly approach.

Our Asset Disposition & Data Destruction solution will destroy, recycle, or repurpose various IT equipment types with secure, reliable, environmentally compliant services, to ensure your organization remains unharmed.

Time to dispose of your IT assets?
Here is what we provide.

❖ On/Off Site Data Destruction
❖ Asset Remarketing
❖ Asset Reporting
❖ Mobile Devices Management

❖ Recycling of IT Assets
❖ Certificate of Data Destruction
❖ Certificate of Recycling
❖ Certificate of Sustainability

Asset Disposition & Data DestructionWe provide secure IT/ICT asset disposition solutions to ensure company assets & data are managed in a compliant manner on a local, national, or global scale.

❖ Providing an ethical and sustainable solution.
❖ Managing through life IT systems and ensuring data is protected throughout.
❖ Compliance Support with IT data protection and environmental legislation.
❖ Delivering value in the total cost of ownership of IT equipment.

You can’t make intelligent business purchases without knowing what software and hardware assets you currently have. We offer flexible IT asset management (ITAM) solutions to reduce costs, increase returns, and drive recovery revenue.

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