Collaborative Solutions for a Productive, Innovative, and Communicative Workforce

Collaboration Solutions and collaborative tools help employees work together in a more engaging and productive way by utilizing the power of the cloud. And since most collaborative software is cloud-based, users can work together no matter where they are.


But every business is different, and finding the best-fitting solutions for your specific work environment is not always a simple task. That’s when Source 1’s Managed Collaboration Solutions step in, and help you find the right Collaborative Software to meet your organization’s unique needs.

Office 365 Collaboration

The office 365 experience offers the best apps and services to grow your business, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and much more. To help your business implement these apps, we created Managed Office 365 Solutions.

Our Managed Office 365 services are the ultimate solution for organizations looking to migrate their business to the cloud. We help your business benefit from the advantages that cloud computing can deliver by supporting and managing your Microsoft Office 365 environment while providing full IT support and problem-solving at all times.

Source 1’s Managed O365 Solutions provide partner organizations with benefits like increased productivity and engagement, allowing them to get context automatically, work more intuitively, and most importantly, empowering them to get things done. We are proud of our ability to boost the overall productivity and ROI of our partners by tailoring O365 solutions to their specific needs.


UCC Infrastructure

It’s time to accept that technology is changing the way enterprises work. Employees now expect more flexibility and the ability to work from any device, no matter where they are, while having instant access to their co-workers. And for a good reason, because having the ability to collaborate efficiently and effectively is something that your company should seek and expect.

With us, you can lay back and take that for granted.

Our UCC infrastructure provides access to real-time functions that include voice calls, video calls, screen sharing, instant messaging, and much more. What’s more, our infrastructure is scalable, secure, and can be accessed from any type of device.

The work environment is changing, and it’s now filled with millennials. Our infrastructure is prepared to fit with them and hosts a similar environment to what they’re used to – an environment where they can instantly and constantly communicate with their peers at all times, no matter the device or location.

And if your company works with remote employees or freelancers, you’ll love our UCC infrastructure. Our collaborative technologies allow dispersed workforces to work together and makes it easier for them to get to know each other and build relationships.

Get ready to transform employee engagement, resulting in a more productive, more innovative, and more collaborative workforce – that finds meaning in its role, and cares for the success of the organization it’s part of.

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