Supply chain shortages don't need to hold you up.

Allocation challenges, obsolescence, end-of-life, and hard-to-find parts are our specialty.

Electronic Component Sourcing


Our distribution team manages supply chain challenges for the most hard-to-find components in the world.

How do we do it?  Simple: Relationships.

Our global network is extensive. It’s those connections to our trusted suppliers that allows for a quick turnaround even for the most urgent demands and even amid challenging market conditions.

We have a wide selection of manufacturers with a specialty focus on semiconductors.



As a certified ISO9001 & J-STD-033C organization, we adhere to a strict quality control process and Anti-Counterfeit Mitigation Policy. Upon request, or as needed, our components are tested at a certified 3rd party lab for counterfeit screening, detection and authentication.
Component testing includes:

❖ Visual Inspection
❖ Dimensional/Mechanical
❖ Heated Chemical (HCT)
❖ X-Ray Analysis
❖ Decap/Delid
❖ Electrical Testing

*Solderability, Baking, Re-Tinning, Programming, Up-Screening are also available.

Authenticity is our #1 priority. Our test houses hold the following lab certifications to ensure components are not tampered with or counterfeit.

❖ ISO/IEC 17025
❖ AS6081/AS6171
❖ AS9100-C
❖ Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Approved
❖ IDEA-STD-1010-B Compliant
❖ ESD 20:20 Compliant

Cost Reduction Programs

It’s our goal to reduce your cost of materials and lead times. We want to see you profit.  A bill of materials cost analysis is a part of our process to help control your purchase price variants (PPV).  Our electrical engineers can provide alternate component solutions, as necessary.

Excess Consignment Programs

Generate new revenue streams through your excess components or surplus inventory. We specialize in helping our partners achieve greater business outcomes through unique data-driven management processes.


Integrated CircuitsDiscrete SemiconductorsMemory
Circuit ProtectionConnectors/InterconnectsCables/Wires
Hardware/EnclosuresBattery ProductsMRO
Printed Circuit BoardsCustom SolutionsObsolete Components
AllocationPPV Cost Savings AnalysisEmbedded Solutions

Featured Product Lines

AlteraAnalog DevicesAtmel
Linear TechMaximMicrochip
On SemiconductorPanasonicPanjit
RenesasSamsung SemiconductorSTMicroelectronics
TDKTE ConnectivityTexas Instruments
Toshiba SemiconductorXilinxYageo


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