Integration in the Era of Cloud-First

More organizations are multi-sourcing their IT service requirements because of the various benefits this approach brings to their companies. Outsourcing different specialists instead of generalists for each element of IT delivery equals better efficiency, quality, and consistency of work.


The problem with outsourcing from different suppliers is that management becomes increasingly complex, making it harder to measure and control work quality standards.

To overcome these management challenges and attain mastery of the multi-sourcing approach, incorporating a Service Integration and Management function is the answer because it allows you to control and manage all IT suppliers from a centralized point.

Source 1 Solutions’ experts are here to help you achieve exactly that, by defining, architecting, implementing, and managing a strategy that’ll get your organization ready to outsource services from different IT vendors. We incorporate best SIAM practices to make management a breeze and to ensure that suppliers effectively deliver their services throughout the duration of the contract.

Consulting and Implementation Services

The digital revolution is too demanding on IT departments. Not only do IT staff members have to deal with many details and issues regarding infrastructure management, but they also have to deal with user complaints that arise all the time, while adapting to the fast-paced changes of the digital world.

With limited resources, it isn’t possible for most businesses to get an IT staff that can deal with all of these complications while creating innovation. And that’s when Source 1 Solutions comes to save the day.

By assessing your specific business, it’s goals, and it’s resources, we provide expert consulting services to help you plan, design, and implement a custom IT upgrade. Our project managers take care of the management of everything, including the people, processes, and technology, so your project results in what you expected.

Project Management

Project Management is the process of planning, organizing, and controlling resources, procedures, and protocols to achieve certain outcomes, often for the benefit of an organization.

Source 1 Solutions offers Project Management services to help clients take the right approach with their IT projects so that they achieve the goals they have in mind. Our certified and highly experienced professionals take your business on the path to transformation with services that include; project management consulting, project management training, and even office development services.

To reach your predefined goals, we use a standardized approach intended to limit unnecessary costs, while making sure that your company has all the resources it needs throughout the process.



Staffing Services

When enterprises scale and the need for resources fluctuates, more IT staff is needed. Our IT staffing services are here to provide the resources your business needs to get the job done. With a specialized talent pool and expert support, we help our clients make the best hiring decisions to fill job vacancies efficaciously.

Recruitment and Placement Process

We begin the recruiting process to identify and qualify candidates by carrying out technical phone interviews, functional testing, and video interviews for specialized roles.

In addition to interviewing our candidates, we also use a Predictive Index Assessment, which is a behavior assessment tool intended to measure employee work skills.

Get qualified personnel for:


Contract and Contract-To-Hire


Project Teams, Statement
of Work (SOW) Projects


Direct Hire Placements

Certified Disposal

More devices than ever are used in today’s corporations. Eventually, these devices stop functioning or become obsolete due to the rise of better technologies. These obsolete IT assets can be problematic for several reasons:

Security Risks: Corporate data held by these devices can be leaked if the wrong person gets their hands on them.

Physical Space: Another problem is that accumulating obsolete devices takes a considerable amount of space, especially for larger companies. Finding a way to deal with them is imperative.

Environmental policies: Getting rid of these devices requires an environmentally friendly approach.

Our Secure IT Asset Disposition (SITAD) solution helps corporations destroy, recycle, or repurpose various IT equipment types with secure, reliable, environmentally compliant services, to make sure that none of the possibilities aforementioned harm your organization.

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