Network Technologies Encompass Everything That's Connected, Including the Wired and Wireless

Your company uses different Network Technologies to carry out many of its functions and processes, making them an essential part of your infrastructure.


Network technology allows for the exchange of data between information systems. And do to the benefits, complexities, and issues that it brings to enterprises, it’s essential to correctly implement it in your business – Source 1 is here to help you do just that.

Data Center Services

Deploy the best productivity tools for your business with our S1 Office 365 cloud-based subscription service.

Your data center is a vital part of running your organization. After all, that’s where your IT operations and equipment are situated, along with your data.

But your aging data center was not intended to deal with newer, cloud-based technologies. Outdated data centers can bring a wide variety of problems like delays when deploying new services, lack of insight, higher costs, and more difficult asset management.

Moving to the cloud is a necessity. To overcome the challenges that come along with it, Source 1 Solutions offers you everything you’ll need.

Our experts work with you to help with data center related issues like management, strategy and planning, and security implementation. We help you cost-effectively benefit from the cloud, with the support of field-experts, so you can stop worrying about anything going wrong.


SD WAN, a software-based approach to managing wide-area networks, is replacing traditional WAN networks thanks to its many benefits in a cloud adopted environment.

Traditional WAN networks have trouble managing the current amounts of traffic, and that makes them more complex to manage, less predictable in terms of performance, and puts data at risk.

SD WAN has powerful capabilities that increase the performance of the network while making deployment, design, and management simpler. And since SD WAN is managed from a single platform meant to be user-friendly, it allows companies to adapt to their use quickly.

Source 1 Solutions can help your business adapt to this trend by providing it with full support throughout the entire planning, installation, and maintenance process.



RF Audits & Surveys

Source 1 Solutions provides RF Audits and Surveys to ensure that all wireless network systems in your installments are able to communicate with other data points effectively.

Before you even install your wireless networks, we can determine if the plans that you have in mind will work. Even better, you can just leave it to us, and we’ll help you design an optimal network system that fits perfectly in your facilities.

At Source 1 Solutions, we do this by performing RF Audits and Surveys in your business facilities, and by then using our deep expertise to create a design that brings the most value to your organization.

WIFI Design & Install

A fast, secure, and reliable WiFi network is more important today than ever. With clients, employees, guests, and business partners all connected to your business wifi network at the same time, bandwidth speeds and connectivity consistencies can be afflicted.

Source 1 makes sure that your company is covered by providing WIFI Design and Install services to give you a powerful and reliable internet connection that meets today’s digital world needs.

From design to installation to support, everything is covered to help your business reach a final result: a WiFi network that supports your specific business needs.

  • What you can expect:
  • Wireless Network Troubleshooting
  • Network Design
  • RF Audits & Site Surveys
  • Wireless Installation Services
  • Security Support
  • Spectrum Analysis
  • Distributed Antenna System (DAS)
  • Consulting

Information Security

The processes and tools made to protect private corporate data are referred to as Information Security. Information Security is an essential component of running an organization, especially in the modern digital landscape, due to its ability to protect an organization’s data from being stolen, disrupted, or erased.

Due to the vulnerability of cloud-enabled infrastructures, having a well planned Information Security strategy is more important than ever. And at the same time, it’s also harder than ever because due to the flexibility of the cloud, data is shared outside the walls of enterprise facilities.

Since protecting your company requires a complex mix of technology, processes, and people, it’s overwhelming for companies to adapt to these threatful landscapes.

The good news – at Source 1 Solutions we help you design, implement, and manage all of these systems so that you and your staff can focus on other things while having the confidence that the security of your company is in good hands – the hands of field experts with in-depth knowledge of Information Security.

Core Infrastructure

Your core IT infrastructure is a fundamental part of your business, and therefore, it is fundamental to make sure that it allows you to carry out all of your business operations efficiently.

A good Infrastructure is secure, flexible, and easy to manage. It also has the power to run your services and software in this increasingly technological era.

To help businesses increase their productivity through better functionality, Source 1 Solutions Core Infrastructure services provide IT support and guidance intended to create a tailored solution to your core infrastructure needs. Considering your individual requirements, budget, and goals, we help you to create the best infrastructure with what you have, so your company reaches its true potential.

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