Today's Cyber Threats Make Security Measurements More Complex and Harder to Implement

Thanks to the expansion of technologies like mobile and cloud, these threats risk enterprise data and intellectual property, so it’s imperative for businesses to have an effective strategy to secure these assets. Since security management is complex and failing to properly execute results in terrible consequences, it’s highly advised for organizations to work with a security services provider.

Security Services

Over a Billion Reasons

You’ll want to look for a provider that offers a continuous process that combines intelligence, latest technology, and in-depth industry experience. This is the best way to ensure protection against the considerable risks your company faces day after day.

As a full-service security company, Source 1 Solutions addresses the challenges faced by organizations who seek a secure, yet productive and mobile, work environment. Every day, we protect over a billion dollars in assets for our customers. We can achieve that thanks to our ample team of security experts, and the incorporation of the latest security practices and systems.

Cyber Protection

The current digital environment puts companies all around the world at risk of cyber threats. The consequences of these threats often result in significant financial loss to the companies affected due to the theft of corporate information, theft of financial information, reputational damage, and system disruption.

Serious companies can’t afford to be affected by these consequences, so creating an effective cybersecurity strategy is essential.

At Source 1 Solutions, we partner with companies all around the world to help them achieve a secure environment armed with defenses and recovery capabilities that support their specific business. By working closely with our partners, we ensure that their companies are as impenetrable as possible, without compromising other important aspects of their business.

Active Monitoring

Security monitoring allows companies to stay protected from threats by providing surveillance of IT infrastructure. Be seeing more, and knowing more, you can take the right preventative measures before threats arise, and make better decisions if they do.

Thanks to our experts and the latest monitoring technology, Source 1 Solutions is able to secure your data and devices by stopping harmful threats before they become pervasive.

We use state of the art appliances and applications that keep up with the threats as they arise. Our intelligent systems analyze data and monitor your infrastructure 24/7, preventing malicious activity before it’s too late.

Active Monitoring

Access Control

Access Control

Thanks to access control, businesses can regulate who accesses their systems, data, and even physical spaces. Access Control does this by granting access to people only when a predetermined set of criteria are met.

This helps your company keep its data and assets secure from thieves, and also allows you to manage the places where employees in your company are allowed to go.

If your company is looking for better Access Control capabilities, Source 1 Solutions is here to help you design, install, and maintain a control system that brings you the peace of mind that you need. We’ll help you reap benefits that range from increased productivity, to lower risks, with access control systems that include the following:

  • Badge and cardholder database management
  • Door lock scheduling control
  • Activity reporting
  • Integration with surveillance systems and HR database
  • Visitor entry system management


Thieves are much less likely to steal from organizations that have good video surveillance. And if the event occurs, video surveillance gives businesses the capacity to react to the crime by documenting evidence of the threat. Because of that, having a video surveillance system is critical to the security of your organization.

Source 1 Solutions is prepared to help your business assess and implement the right surveillance solution. Our certified network engineers are ready to design, install, configure, and maintain the best surveillance systems, resulting in greater operational efficiency, lower risks, and sustained quality control throughout your entire security system.

Some of the Video surveillance solutions that we include:

  • IP and analog camera systems
  • Video monitoring
  • Live video
  • Video storage
  • Verification of video alarms
  • Advanced video analytics capabilities & reporting
  • Integration with other systems

Security Assessments

Security Assessments have the potential to show companies the security vulnerabilities and risks in their current IT systems and Networks. Failing to implement appropriate security measures results in a lower ability to protect user confidentiality, corporate data, and much more. To make sure this doesn’t happen to your company, carrying out a Security Assessment can reveal critical data necessary to create an effective cybersecurity strategy.

But a well-done security assessment is not something anybody can do. Industry experience and a deep understanding of security systems ensure that the performed security assessments provide a more accurate and complete evaluation, that exposes existing and potential vulnerabilities within your company.

Source 1 Solutions’ experts are here to provide that needed expertise, freeing up your IT team’s plate, and improving the security posture of your enterprise.

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