We are a team of experienced and elite IT professionals.

Award Winning · Locally Staffed · Serving 118 Countries · 24/7/365

About Us

Source 1 is the IT team for some of the world’s biggest business – like banks, media companies, healthcare providers and car companies. We also serve hundreds of ambitious, fast growing medium sized organizations like football teams, consulting firms, etc.

Our team is global. We have IT engineers in 118 countries and this means we can help your company to achieve your most ambitious objectives or solve your most frustrating bottlenecks.About Source 1 Solutions

We don’t like to gloat but we’ve won some pretty big awards for our work and our ability to keep up with our clients ever growing IT demands. To date, we’ve won over 30 major awards that indicate our total commitment to quality, service and scale.

The technical term for what we do is “Managed IT services”. It’s a fancy way of saying “your company can focus on what you do best, and our company will make sure the technology you need is in place and running smoothly”.

Our History

Headquartered in Clearwater, Source 1 was founded in 2011 by Robert Hessel, a 4th generation military veteran who served in the US Navy. By prizingService Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business “relationships over deals”, a core company value, Source 1 had established a reputation among customers, clients, and partners for honesty, and integrity very quickly.

In 2013 the company had obtained significant white label partnerships and ventured into monitoring services. Just two years later, managed services expanded greatly after onboarding senior company leaders rich in technology intelligence. In 2017 our dispatch field support team emerged and currently offers field resources in 118 countries.

By assembling a world-class, elite engineering team that is anchored in a technically sophisticated Global Technical Support (GTS) center, which, by design, is adjacent to corporate headquarters, the company is able to deliver a quality of services that is unparalleled. All calls are answered live by level 1 engineers based in the United States, 24/7/365.

Today, if it touches enterprise infrastructure, Source 1 Solutions manages, monitors, and maintains it. This award-winning, multinational MSP organization partners with enterprises ranging from multinational, Fortune 500 brands, to select Tampa-based leaders.

Vision • Mission • Values

Our vision: If you keep a city safe, the people in it will thrive.
Source 1 contributes to making cities safer through leveraging technology.

Our mission is to partner with truly great companies to expand their technical capabilities and extend their geographical reach.

About Source 1 Solutions

We accomplish this with our team and our partners by focusing on our four core values:

❖ Relationships over Deals

❖ Rise by Lifting Others

❖ Service to the Community

❖ Clarity for the Future

We support local charities that encourage a culture of safety. This value is the attribute instilled in our leadership team, which trickles down to our front-line team members, customers, partners, non-profit partners, and ultimately, the communities we all serve.

Our Philosophy

Safety • Data • Investment

Our method of success relies on 3 main concepts that, when working together, result in business growth for our customers and partners around the world.


Our culture of safety empowers our team to make decisions for the best interest of Source 1 and the best interest of our customers. While we are mindful of making the same mistake more than once, we cultivate an environment that is safe to make mistakes, knowing our team will grow fastest by learning from them. As a result, we minimize attrition, which make our customers feel safe. When our customers feel secure about our brand, team, and delivery, they have the confidence to expand their business, which expands their relationship with us.


Since 2011, we have been delivering projects worldwide and have gained an immense amount of data to draw upon. It’s this unique insight on the complexities of delivering service to different regions around the world that is advantageous to our clients. The tremendous amount of data we’ve obtained is analyzed when considering how to best support a project effectively, rather than speculating results. We use, and encourage our customers to use data to drive their decisions for IT solutions in any capacity.


Our expansion and global reach extended by practicing our first two concepts and making well informed, necessary investments with no outside investments. As a result, we understand and respect the value of a dollar and are mindful of the recommendations that we make to our clients regarding their IT solutions. We want their investment in us to not just support their systems temporarily, but benefit their future growth as well.

Awards We’ve Won


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