Innovations to Maximize Cellular and Life Safety Communications

Our mobility services team will design, install, and monitor your solution. And that's just the beginning.

Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions

Our mobility services engineers provide in-building solutions for secure and stable cellular functionality. Through evaluation, design, and installation, our distributed antenna systems are compatible with all major carriers as well as in compliance with regional public safety statutes. Our team only uses the most cutting-edge technology and practices for efficient, effective technological functionality.

  • iBwave Designs
  • JMA Teko Certified
  • Corning SpiderCloud DAS Certified
  • C^2 (*that should be “c squared”) Proactive Monitoring
  • General Radio Operating Licensed (GROL)

Life Safety compliance upgrades will ensure radio frequency communication is maintained in the event of an emergency.


Wireless Technologies

Secure, Cloud-enabled Management Solutions With Full Network Control, Lower Costs, and Seamless Mobility

Traditional network infrastructure requires in-house physical hardware and technical support. This approach is cost-ineffective because enterprises have to purchase, maintain, and manage more equipment than needed to perform most business operations (due to fluctuations in the requirement of computing power, bandwidth speed, etc.)

Additionally, traditional network infrastructure was not made to deal with the increasingly high amounts of wireless traffic that we have today, requiring more access-points, and resulting in a weaker signal and a more limited bandwidth.

Source 1’s Managed WLAN capabilities eliminate the need for a physical, on-premises wireless controller by virtualizing the control and management functions of WLAN networks, enabling operations as a software application. Our innovative approach and industrial-scale architecture create simpler, faster, and more flexible networking that aligns with global business trends like the Bring Your Own Device mobility explosion, the “mobile first” access preference, and cloud services.

Source 1’s dynamic Managed WLAN features include:

  • Cloud-based management and control solutions
  • Proactive 24/7 monitoring
  • Priority technical support response times and hardware replacement
  • Technical issue resolution and help desk support
  • Multi-level reporting with detailed usage statistics to the access point level
  • Custom dashboards with an at-a-glance view of system/network health
  • Secure architecture that detects and prevents malicious threats from entering the network
  • Comprehensive user authentication options
  • Support for multiple encryption protocols
  • Multi-country support
  • High-performance wireless access points
  • Simplified upgrades
Dynamic Managed WLAN features

Risk Management

In the last decade, the popularity of smartphones exploded, and its use has become a new norm in our workplaces. Employees have recognized the potential that these devices have to improve their daily operations, and they prefer corporate environments that leverage these technologies for their work.

Organizations that face change and adopt a more mobile-friendly workplace often struggle to find the balance between productivity and security. More mobility means more productivity and satisfaction, but it also increases the risk of leaking corporative data.

Luckily for you, our experts can help you reach an optimal, balanced environment tailored specifically to your organization’s needs.

Source 1 Mobility Risk Management Services help organizations adopt a more mobile and productive workplace, without compromising security. Our services include multiple data protection measurements designed to protect your business from potential threats. Some of our protection implementations include; mobile antivirus, password enforcement, application security with whitelisting and blacklisting, Secure Mobile Mail, and much more.

What makes Source 1 special is that it utilizes a single platform to manage all of your devices no matter their OS, device type, or whether they’re corporate owned or not. This approach allows us to provide rock-solid user protection, and results in lower costs and complexity, and improved visibility and control.

App Management

Enterprise applications must now have the capacity to be accessed from mobile devices due to the increase in popularity of mobile use in the work environment. This cloud-based approach allows employees to access corporate data no matter where they are, and from any device. A consequence of this trend is that corporate data leaks can more easily occur due to corporate information being shared outside of the enterprise, and new security measurements need to be adopted to protect the identity and security of the corporation.

A common limitation of these new security measurements is that they limit user experience to protect corporate data, reducing the potential mobility and productivity that these applications could bring.

To reduce these limitations without putting your business at risk, Source 1 provides full application management services to help you with the entire process of integrating and securing mobile devices in your organization. That way, you can get the best out of mobile technology without having to sacrifice large amounts of resources and risk making mistakes along the way.

Endpoint Management

Securely Managing Enterprise Users and Their Devices

Adopting unified endpoint management (UEM) approach allows your company to secure and control devices of all types, including desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets, from a single platform. This makes monitoring and administration of the devices in an organization much simpler and effective.

A UEM approach is especially important nowadays since some devices are corporate owned, some are BYO, and different people use different device types and operating systems. The end result is a complex work mobility environment.

We have your back covered at Source 1 thanks to our powerful UEM functions that help you manage all endpoints, no matter the operating system that they have, from a single, user-friendly platform.

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