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Wireless Design Surveys

Passive Method

The passive survey method collects data about radio frequency (RF) without the software being associated with an access point SSID.

In general terms, it collects and records all wireless RF broadcasting and heard by the client software. Various settings and filters can be applied that limit the amount of RF data collected. The Passive type survey is often used during RF assessments, design surveys, installations, and/or wireless troubleshooting

Active Method

Contrary to common perception, an Active Survey is NOT a design or “stick and pole” survey. It is another method or option of collecting data through Software (AirMagnet, Ekahau etc.).
During an Active survey, the software connects to a specific access point or SSID, and only measures the chosen signal.
No other Wireless, and for that matter, no other access point is measured. In addition, a separate server can be added to the network to obtain a true measure of the data rates achieved. The Active method of survey is often used to troubleshoot specific wireless issues during an assessment. It can also be used for other purposes such as design or validation, but the passive method is more flexible, and gives additional insight during the survey.

Wireless Design Surveys

Predictive Design Survey

This survey utilizes a survey planning module to create a potential network layout adequate to meet your custom criteria.

Greenfield Design Survey

Greenfield Design Survey is a method in which a "stick and pole" is performed for every new access point to be incorporated in the new network design.

Hybrid Greenfield Design Survey

This is simply a combination of the Greenfield Design Survey and the Predictive Design Survey.

Assessment Survey

Assessment surveys are conducted to analyze existing networks, evaluate functionality, and enhance performance.

Active Survey Assessments

This type of survey is intended to measure a network's output and performance to identify issues that require troubleshooting.

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