Managed Cloud Services for Superior
Security, Availability, and Flexibility

The cloud allows organizations of all sizes to gain access to Enterprise-class services and infrastructure that improve productivity, security, flexibility, employee engagement and satisfaction, and much more.


Why Move

Cloud computing essentially allows your business to set up a virtual office that can be accessed from any place. Moving to the cloud provides a broad spectrum of benefits because your data is much easier to access. These benefits include:

  • Reduced IT costs
  • Better Scalability
  • Increased Collaboration
  • More flexibility

But when your company migrates to the cloud, it faces challenges that are much easier to handle with the help of experts. Experts that not only free up your IT team and take responsibility for monitoring, maintaining, and updating your infrastructure, but that gives your business the guidance it needs to move forward in the digital era.

At Source 1 Solutions, we’re ready to be those experts – who work with you, shoulder-to-shoulder, throughout your cloud-enabled journey.

Office 365 Solutions

Deploy the best productivity tools for your business with our S1 Office 365 cloud-based subscription service.

Source 1’s Microsoft S1 0365 Solutions provide your business with some of the best cloud-based productivity tools to allow your employees to work no matter where they are. Top applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and much more are included in this packet.

Since these tools are cloud-based, you can expect to increase business productivity, lower expenditures, and maximize collaboration between employees, all while maintaining a secure environment.


S1 Office 365 Solutions makes it easier to get more work done despite the circumstances by giving you access to the tools you need - from any device, wherever you are.


We know that protecting your business and reputation is a crucial priority. With S1 Office 365 Solutions, you choose who gets access to business information and stay safe with applications securely hosted by Microsoft in their world-class data-centers.


With access to the best tools for teamwork and business collaboration, S1 Office 365 partner teams get more results by working together in an efficient and collaborative environment.

Azure Support

Microsoft Azure comes with many challenges that distract you and your business from other important projects.

Allocating your effort and time to build the required expertise to handle this set of cloud services is intimidating and difficult. That’s why, to make your business journey a bit easier, we take care of the complexity of managing Microsoft Azure while you focus on moving forward with your business.

Source 1 Solutions’ US-Based, Azure-certified experts help you manage with that complexity by delivering design, security, and operation services, every hour of the day, every day of the year.



Managed Application Services

When your IT team focuses on maintaining existing application infrastructure, a considerable amount of resources that could be better spent on other business operations go to waste. This type of inefficient environment makes your business struggle to keep up with the fast pace of technological change.

Source 1 can help your business free up these resources by outsourcing the management of these operations to our experts, allowing your business to focus on what matters.

You’ll have a lot less to stress about, because we’ll handle all of the troublesome details, including:

  • Configuration & Optimization
  • Administration, Monitoring & Maintenance
  • Data Services

Amazon Web Services Support

To benefit from the power of Amazon Web Services, you need to understand each of the steps involved; Architecture, migration, security, operations, and optimization. AWS is a powerful tool that comes with many complexities, and that takes away time and resources from your business.

Why not just leave it to us?

Source 1’s AWS CloudOPs engineers monitor, manage and maintain partner AWS infrastructure with the best IT practices, to ensure lower costs, optimal service-levels, and more valuable tasks. Thanks to our industry expertise, we help you achieve surprisingly high levels of efficiency and security. And if any problems unexpectedly occur, you can contact our knowledgeable support team any second of the year.


Our innovative server virtualization capabilities allow our partners to cut hardware costs and accelerate deployment by a significant degree. Through the efficiency of virtual machines, we reduce the number of servers that data centers have to deploy, by separating the computing from the hardware in a physical server.

Virtualization essentially allows you to run multiple operating systems and applications on a single server, while greatly simplifying IT management and maintenance.

In simple terms, virtualization allows your business to:

  • Decrease costs by reducing the need for physical infrastructure
  • Avoid delays that occur due to in-house hardware malfunctions that cost money to your business.
  • Reduce risks and protect your data by hosting applications within managed, dedicated environments.
  • Improve uptime by letting our prepared experts take care of any problems that might arise.
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