If it touches enterprise infrastructure, we can mange, monitor, and maintain it.

24 hours a day · 7 days a week · 365 days a year


Monitoring your system means having a Help Desk Technicians available to proactively respond to alerts and available to troubleshoot the most common recurrences 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our alerting system and service desk support will remedy outages and alerts as they arise even before your system notifies you. They can take actions based on runbook rules and customer documented authorizations.
Managed IT Services

Management & Maintenance

Manage & Maintain adds the expertise of our Administration & Engineering Team including:

❖ System Administrators
❖ Sr. Application Engineers
❖ Sr. Network Engineers
❖ Solution Architects

When your technical issue is more critical than a reset, restart, or reboot, our team will provide the support to diagnose problems that stem from configuration changes, lifecycle management, change controls, and patch updates.  Additionally, in critical scenarios we will schedule a technician to come out, on-site, to remedy the most severe technical challenges and find the solution.

Managed Desktop Services

Managed Desktop Services

Is your team calling you for tech support?

Our desktop support services manage the lifecycle of your team’s desktop, hardware and software purchasing,  vendor management, and monitoring. The security and reliability of your computing environment is critical. We evaluate and manage your applications, updates, and network connectivity, including threat detection.

Your team can rely on ours for support and guidance 24/7/365.

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