Sourcing Capabilities

Source 1 Solutions assists customers in managing supply chain situations by securing hard-to-find parts caused by allocation, obsolescence, and end-of-life electronic components.

We provide vast market knowledge and global connections allowing us to detect component shortages.

Our global reach connects with an extensive supplier base, as well as OEM excess availability, Source 1 can secure material in the opened market through a variety of non-traditional methods.


Cost Reduction Program

This program allows our customers to analyze their materials spend in an effort to selectively source a portion of their blended demand through safe and reliable alternative channels.

Through our vast procurement resources, our customers can isolate low opportunities for driving incremental profitability that supplement their core business strategy for enhanced margin creation.


Source 1 Solutions maintains a comprehensive product inspection & testing program for all material for authentication and substandard mitigation.

We utilize our ISO certified quality checklist on all incoming material.

Providing rigorous and systematic inspecting of all orders, including the outside package to conducting detailed component-level analyses.

When utilizing different factors such as calibration, tolerances, and specification, this can complicate the inspection process which requires more extensive testing. Industry standards that address these advanced inspection methods do not provide clear acceptable criteria due to the variability of the results and its complexity. To mitigate the inherent risks associated with the increasing complexity of inspection and potential ambiguity of output data, We have partnered with Independent Test Facilities, providing unbiased results always in the best interest of the customer. This eliminates risks and provides our customers with a complete solution from the detail accuracy authenticity process, to electrical testing, and packaging.

Asset Management

One of the most challenging aspects of our industry is the ability to accurately forecast product demand. The shifts in demand created market fluctuations invariably impact the balance of supply and demand.

This results in companies inevitably ending up with excess, obsolete, and slow-moving inventories that adversely impact their profitability and return on assets.

Our program is designed for the company wanting to maximize the most out of their excess materials and on a consignment basis.

The benefits…

  • The ease to establish and maintain
  • A high return on investment
  • Liabilities become assets by trading your excess materials into current production needs
  • An audit can be requested at anytime

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