Job Interview Tips

Job Interview Tips

So you got the interview… congrats. After all, interviews are the first foot in the door for any new job.

Nevertheless, interviewing for a job can be nerve-racking; you can fret about your outfit, saying the wrong thing, not being the right fit! Here at Source 1 Solutions, we are here to help.

The Top 10 Tips to Nail Your Job Interview

Check out our top interview tips and get one step closer to your dream job. Stay tuned for our follow-on post about remote and video only interviews.

1. Research the company and their mission statement

The company you are interviewing with does not just want someone looking for work. They want someone looking to work for them. Get to know them so you can be well informed and relatable.

2. Read the job description

Understand the job you are applying for and highlight your skills that are relevant to the requirements.

3. Wear a suit or blazer

Dress for the job you want not the job you have. Even in virtual meetings, smart business attire makes a great first impression.

4. On time is 5 minutes late

Be sure to download the virtual meeting software prior to your interview time. If your interview is in person, prepare for commute traffic or offsite parking and make sure you arrive at least 10-15 minutes before the interview time.

5. Shut your phone off

In fact, make sure any surrounding notifications are completely silenced. Minimize your distractions and maintain good eye contact.

6. Have a personal pitch

Always be prepared for that opening line: “Tell me about yourself”. First, they are asking about your professional self not your personal self. Keep it short (about 30 seconds) and highlight the milestones. Also, use relatable key words from their mission statement to catch their attention immediately.

7. Do not say “I”

There is no “I” in team. Use adjectives in place of pronouns and focus more on the skills you have that you can bring to the company instead of things you have already accomplished.

8. Stay away from slang

This one seems obvious, but regional slang counts as well. “You guys”, “Y’all”, “Fixin” are regional slang and should be replaced to keep the employer from getting distracted.

9. Have three questions prepared for them

Show them you have done your homework and you want to make this job fit for your too. Ask about the next steps in the interview process, timeline to hire, specifics as it pertains to the role, etc. a. Example: How many machines do you route on a regular basis? How many users will I be working with?

10. Write a handwritten thank you note

Make your last impression a lasting impression. A handwritten thank you note will stand out against a thank you email. Go above and beyond, it will pay off.

Thanks to our very own Andrea Sias, Recruiter, for the tips!

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