Veterans Day: A Day to Celebrate our Country’s Heroes

Veterans Day A Day to Celebrate our Country’s Heroes

As we celebrate Veterans Day, we are all uniquely reminded of the hard work and challenges our nation’s veterans have faced in their times of service to our great country. Some of the most resilient, hard-working men and women have graced the ranks and hierarchy of the military; upon returning to the workforce, we would all hope that they receive the thanks and reverence that they deserve. Here at Source 1 Solutions, we would like to take some time to thank and honor all of the military veterans who have served the United States of America.

Veterans Are Valuable to Our Workforce

With unique skill sets that have been honed and multiplied by caring command, veterans are often perfectly suited and trained for the jobs that they did in active duty. In addition to this, the military breeds a culture of dedication to success and mission completion. Veterans are usually high-drive workers and some of the most reliable and valuable employees available to employers.

Equal-Footing Culture

Upon acceptance to the military and arriving at Basic Training, heads are shaved and everyone dons the same uniform. Everyone starts from ground zero and must prove their worth, regardless of where they come from in life. There are no transient incentives to form cliques and judge others based on appearance; there is only the mission – complete Boot Camp and secure a spot in active duty. In the military, you are judged on your abilities and personality, an asset when it comes to working in the civilian sphere.

Chain of Command

Perhaps one of the most respected parts of the military’s heritage is strict adherence to the chain of command. Subordinates refer to elders and superiors with respect and diligence; elders and superiors share their knowledge and impart hard truths onto their lessers. Proper communication within the chain of command isn’t just necessary, it’s demanded. As civilians, we could all learn a thing or two from the military in this regard. Respect is earned, and those who deserve it ultimately receive it.

Respect for the Company and the Job

There is nothing more satisfying and pride inducing than seeing intense dedication to one’s job. Military veterans have served their country, making it their life’s work for many years. There is often an intense sense of belonging to and a need to be of service to one’s nation, especially among veterans. This dedication and seriousness are often brought back with our veterans, as they search for jobs amongst civilians, hoping to serve in a similar capacity to when they were in active duty.

Resilience in Adversity

As an active duty service member, there is no giving up and going home. Veterans have faced unimaginable difficulties, emerging victorious, though not always unscathed. Their incredible fortitude is to be revered and respected; these traits make veterans uniquely qualified for high-stress and emergency-type jobs, as long as PTSD and other service-related anxieties aren’t a problem.


As an active duty member, your team is your family. One of the earliest lessons the military has taught our veterans is that everyone is part of a team. Veterans understand the value of teamwork like no one else on the planet; they may have even placed their lives in the hands of their team members at multiple times during their service. Upon returning to civilian life, veterans don’t forget this component of their years in the military; proper teamwork and cooperative co-workers get the job done more efficiently and with fewer mistakes.

Veterans are Heroes

Here at Source 1 Solutions, we value our veterans like first responders. As the COVID-19 crisis has shown us, a united front is necessary in times of adversity. Veterans from across the nation have stepped up to assist with coronavirus-related aid and countermeasures. Sometimes it’s easy to forget just how valuable certain individuals are – until we see them in action once again. It’s no secret that we owe our lives to the veterans of our great nation; through wars and pandemic relief, our military service members do a lot more for us than we all realize.

Source 1 Solutions Gives Back

One of our favorite outreaches to support here at Source 1 Solutions is Habitat for Humanity; through supporting this non-profit at build events, we are able to make a direct impact and show our veterans (and first responders) how much they mean to us as an American company.

Another foundation we support is the Steven Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation. This organization focuses on helping veterans through making housing more affordable, making accessibility upgrades to current houses, and more.


Here at Source 1 Solutions, we are proud to be veteran-owned. You’ll find that we are dedicated to supporting groups that focus efforts on supporting first responders and veterans alike. These people are true heroes and deserve the utmost respect and endorsement that we can provide. As we emerge from this strange summer and move towards winter, Veterans Day approaches to help ground us all. Reach out to your military family members in recognition of their service to you and your loved ones.

To all of the veterans of our great nation, Source 1 Solutions thanks you – both for your service in the military and your continued service as civilians and earnest workers of the United States of America.

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